Career Readiness

Students are more motivated to learn when they are actively learning applicable information, particularly when that active learning is in a career field of their own interest.

RALLY has developed a regional STEM network, the Capital Region STEAM Network, to develop community partners willing to work with school districts to provide comprehensive career guidance and counseling, career connected learning, and exposure to career pathways in high-demand fields. Businesses, school districts, and community organizations can play an important role in student engagement. Opportunities are endless when businesses, schools, and community organizations partner together.



Priority 1: Increase the awareness and enthusiasm for STEAM throughout the region.

Priority 2: More underrepresented youth, including low-income youth, students of color, at-risk youth, youth with disabilities, and rural youth will be engaged in career readiness and STEAM learning opportunities.

Priority 3: Develop a career readiness system that provides increased access to career advising coursework and career connected STEAM learning through the establishment of a strong partnership with the business sector.

Priority 4: Increase the number of pre-school and elementary children engaged in high quality math and computer science education.

Priority 5: Improve access to STEAM-related learning opportunities developed through out-of-school and summer learning opportunities provided by community organizations and through hands-on learning opportunities that integrate science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

Priority 6: Sustain and grow the Capital Region STEAM Network and county-level organizations committed to implementing a STEAM/career readiness agenda.