The Regional Alliance for Youth (RALLY) is a collaborative effort between five counties to support nurturing children and youth from cradle to career for life-long success. We believe that bringing people together to work on behalf of children and youth is crucial to making a difference in our communities. Our coordinated efforts stem from our common goals and shared vision of every individual building a positive future for themselves and their community.

Where We Serve

RALLY serves Grays Harbor County, Lewis County, Mason County, Pacific County, and Thurston County. In each county, we support a consortium of local school districts, institutions, and nonprofits.

What We Do

RALLY works with communities to prepare youth for lifelong success. We connect nonprofits, organizations, and schools to one another to provide integrated student supports and career readiness/STEAM learning opportunities. If we strengthen resiliency in youth and expose them to multiple opportunities, then high school, post-secondary, and career outcomes for youth will improve.


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