Integrated Student Supports

Providing integrated student supports for children and youth is best achieved by expanding multi-tiered systems of support model (MTSS) in a joint effort between a school district and its community partners. School-wide academic and behavioral interventions serve as preventative efforts that benefit all students.

Tier I Supports

All students can benefit from universal Tier I supports which are accessible to all students and part of the school's environment

Examples: Community Resource Centers, College & Career Fairs, School-wide Programs

Tier II Supports

Targeted Tier II supports are interventions that address risk in a group with common needs.

Examples: Tutoring, Support Groups & Targeted Clubs, Workshops

Tier III Supports

Select Tier III supports are more intensive interventions that provide individualized support.

Examples: Anything that needs to be case-managed



Priority 1: Build up partnerships and connections for local efforts - “Creative Community Connections”.  (focus on rural community voice and outreach)

Priority 2: Awareness building around what MTSS is in school districts and community based organizations

Priority 3: Promote and facilitate social and emotional learning.  Raise awareness.

Priority 4: Build Parent awareness

Priority 5: Advocate for MTSS and ISS.