Why We Serve

RALLY was created in 2012 as a stewardship team to learn more about the experiences of youth in our region. It was developed by Capital Region ESD 113 at the request of the Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Youth Council. Throughout 2012, the stewardship team held regional and county level meetings to gather information regarding challenges and opportunities in supporting youth. The team found that geographic isolation and limited access to services is a challenge for many students in remote areas of our region. Although students want to go to college, many lack the opportunity or resources, and thus post-secondary enrollment is low. Students desire to be connected to the community in a meaningful and substantive way, and RALLY seeks to make these connections.

RALLY envisioned a network to integrate efforts between stakeholders. This network would easily allow educators, businesses, nonprofits, and community resources to work together and share their knowledge and expertise. Partners would collaborate on projects, ensuring lifelong success for youth from cradle to career.

Since then, RALLY has supported the development of county-level consortia throughout the region. Key focus areas of our consortia include 1) breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty, 2) supporting access to college and career success, and 3) overcoming adverse childhood experiences through resiliency.